100% Turn Up for Girls at Likangala Secondary School

100% Turn Up for Girls at Likangala Secondary School

Following the rising cases of teenage pregnancies and early Marriages among school going girls witnessed across the country, Likangala Secondary school has against all odds registered a hundred percent girl attendance in one of its six stream class of form four students that have just returned to school this week.

According to the Deputy Head Teacher at the institution, Mr. Mahonya he said a spot check on attendance in one of the classes showed that all the girls were present with a few boys absent as he was painting a picture on the state of attendance at the school. He was quick to point that absenteeism among students in day secondary schools in the first week stems from the belief that there is not much to do in the first week of learning, while others just want to run away from general cleaning that mostly happens on the first day. “We should have a true picture on what is causing absenteeism in the coming weeks, but so far so good,”

Mahonya further said, they are all set with precautionary measures against Covid 19, citing hand washing materials placed at the gate, class rooms, library staffroom and administrative offices as examples. The School is also encouraging all students, teachers and visitors to put on a mask before they enter the school premises while maintaining social distance at all times.

 The Deputy Head Teacher also confirmed that the District Education Manager (DEM) and the District Health Officer (DHO) will work with them and health workers will be coming to the school to provide more information and the services.

That being said, he also mentioned that there still work to be done. “While we expect others to help us, we are embarking on an initiative to independently purchase thermometers and a fumigation sprayer” said, Mr. Mahonya.

Estelle Daudi, a student at the school, said she was excited with the reopening of the schools, but mostly because of the schools well set Covid19 preventative measures.  one of the students expressed how excited she was with the reopening of schools and how her school is adhering to the covid19 preventative measures.

The Malawi Examinations Board (MANEB) released examination dates for both primary and secondary schools on 30th August 2020 following Ministry of Education’s announcement of reopening of school three days earlier. One youth activist Lucky Mbewe, spoke on MIJ FM suggesting a revision of the exam dates as well as lowering of the passing mark.

Commenting on the story Stephano Subili another student at Likangala said, the issue of exam date has not really affected him as he was studying at home during the break. “ The difference is that when you are taking lessons, you are forced to study since have homework, exercise and term exams, while when we were home we lacked that push” in response to whether he went for part time lessons, Subili said, he could not manage due to financial challenges.

There were mixed views from the students, some of which revealed they were not studying while others say they studied and want to get the exam done with. 

In 2011, Likangala Secondary School became the second Day Secondary School to double its intake after Malindi Secondary school. Likangala Secondary School is located in Zomba Central Constituency,

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